We are a jung, flexible company, oriented to freeyay international cartage, to mostly every European countries.

Yearly we carry out around 2000 loadings with the help of our contracted forwarders.

Transported are paletized goods up to 24 tons. Our communicative team is avaible to fulfill Your requirements.

Our base is especial: on the border of 2 countries, in the heart of Europe, Courtyard of Europe. :o)

The trucks - ergo Your goods - are continuosly mapped, arrival to the loading and unloading place is carefully checked.

Our transport destinations are in frame and between countries like Germany, France, Italia, Belgia, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland.

Thank to our experiences we are prepared to solve Your needs and requirements accurately, correctly, for an adequate price.

We do not liquidate our forwarders, we work for an ethical margin and consequently the effort of our suppliers is sizeable rewarded.

In spite of, or just because this work is a daily challenge, we make efforts to get our services, attitude towards customers and forwarders everyday better. Our daily rutine and effort is subordinated to this goal.